Welcome to Energy Innovations !

Energy Innovations is far from the first organization to perceive the need for our human world to behave in a more sustainable fashion, both ecologically and socially. Our group fully endorses the concepts of www.worldopt.org, and specifically works toward the promotion of renewable energy sources that do not contribute to global warming, pollution, or other detrimental side-effects.

Energy Innovations sees a moral imperative for our civilization to power itself in a manner consistent with its continued survival.


This company has as a specific goal consulting and advocating for sustainable, renewable, and non-polluting, non-destructive energy development. To this end, identifying specific worthwhile projects and appropriately seeking to enhance and promote them is a part of our agenda.


Our first major project is to undertake the further development and promotion of Mr. Secil Boyd's invention for converting ocean wave energy into electricity in a very elegant and effective manner.

Should you have general questions or comments, please e-mail us at info@energyinnovations.us.

Richard C. Stancliff, Director